After setting up Nuclei, or if you’re already a Nuclei user, you’ll need to sign up for PDCP and connect Nuclei.

Setup PDCP


Launch PDCP

Navigate to cloud.projectdiscovery.io.


Select Sign up

In the Dashboard view locate and select the Sign up button. In the window that pops up select the Sign Up option.


Select your login preference

Select your login preference (GitHub, Google, or email & password) and validate your account, if required, to complete the setup.


Login to PDCP

Log in to PDCP and open the Profile menu at the top right. Select API Key to generate an API Key. You can also visit https://cloud.projectdiscovery.io/templates?ref=api_key directly to obtain your API key.

  • Save your API Key information in a safe place, you’ll need this to connect Nuclei to your PDCP account.

Connect Nuclei to PDCP

After setting up Nuclei and creating your PDCP account, connect Nuclei to PDCP.


Open Nuclei in your terminal

Run the following command:

nuclei -auth

Provide the API Key

Enter the API key when prompted.

Advanced options

Check out Advanced Integration for other options to establish a connection.

Next Steps

After setting up PDCP you can run and view your first scan. Head to Connect your scan for the next steps in the PDCP Free User Guide.