Templates Editor

Nuclei Template Editor is a multi-functional cloud hosted tool designed for creating, running, and sharing Nuclei Templates. It’s packed with helpful features for individual and professional users seeking to manage and execute templates.


The following table showcases the current and upcoming features:

FeatureDescription and UseAvailability
EditorExperience something akin to using VS Code with our integrated editor, built on top of Monaco. This feature allows easy writing and modification of Nuclei Templates.Free
OptimizerLeverage the in-built TemplateMan API to automatically lint, format, validate, and enhance your Nuclei Templates.Free
Scan (URL)Run your templates on a targeted URL to check their validity.Free *
DebuggerUtilize the in-built debugging function that displays requests and responses of your template scans, aiding troubleshooting and understanding template behavior.Free
Cloud StorageStore and access your Nuclei Templates securely anytime, anywhere using your account.Free
SharingShare your templates for better collaboration by generating untraceable unique links.Free
AI AssistanceEmploy AI to craft Nuclei Templates based on the context of specified vulnerabilities. This feature simplifies template creation and tailors them to minimize the time required for creation.Free *
Scan (LIST, CIDR, ASN)In the professional version, run scans on target lists, network ranges (CIDR), AS numbers (ASN).Professional (upcoming)
REST APIIn the professional version, fetch templates, call the AI, and perform scans remotely using APIs.Professional (upcoming)
PDCP SyncSync your generated templates with the ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform for easy access and management, available in the professional version.Professional (upcoming)

Free Feature Limitations

Some features available within the free tier have usage caps in place:

  • Scan (URL): You’re allowed up to 100 scans daily.
  • AI Assistance: Up to 10 queries can be made each day.

The limitations, reset daily, ensure system integrity and availability while providing access to key functions.

How to Get Started

Begin by ensuring you have an account. If not, sign up on https://cloud.projectdiscovery.io and follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account at https://cloud.projectdiscovery.io.
  2. Click on the ”Create new template” button to open up a fresh editor.
  3. Write and modify your template. The editor avails tools like syntax highlighting, snippet suggestion, among other features to simplify your writing process.
  4. Having written your template, input your testing target and click the ”Scan” button to authenticate your template’s accuracy.