What is ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform?

ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform (PDCP) is a cloud-hosted security platform designed to provide continuous visibility across your external attack surface by detecting exploitable vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. It is built to solve a variety of use cases, and scale to support the key workflows application security teams need to secure their infrastructure.

If you’re new to ProjectDiscovery:

How are we different?

The security space is crowded with tools. Attack surface management, vulnerability management, exploit monitoring - what solutions do you need?

As concerns around security rise, organizations are increasingly shifting their attention to managing these risks. How are you supposed to choose when there are so many options and how can you differentiate one option from the next?

Let’s get into the details and learn more about why ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform is different.

Addressing vulnerabilities at scale

You need tools that can keep pace with the evolving range of technologies and the continuously shifting landscape of vulnerabilities. Our cloud platform can rapidly scan and verify a trending vulnerability across your entire tech stack. Save time and prioritize your resources around the vulnerabilities that matter the most.

A source of truth

The scope of vulnerabilities means that the quantity false positives (noise), is endless. More than a simple annoyance, false positives are a costly distraction from real threats. Accuracy is game changing and critical to effective vulnerability management.

Our Nuclei templates carry comprehensive information about each vulnerability. They include descriptions, remediation steps, severity, and the inner workings of test. This transparency allows security engineers to easily triage, collaborate, and validate findings, while developers reproduce and verify fixes.

Custom automation

No two organizations are identical, and neither are their security needs. Modern security teams need to automate vulnerability detection specific to their organization and tech stack. Our open template language (YAML) allows flexibility and customizations so you can easily convert your internal vulnerability knowledge and findings (e.g. pen-test, bug bounty reports) into automation. Use your custom Nuclei templates to easily scan other similarly affected tech stacks and any associated regressions.

Community support

It’s a constant challenge to keep up with the increasing number of attack vectors and vulnerabilities. Maintaining a vast database is beyond the capabilities of any single vendor. That’s why, at ProjectDiscovery, we set a high value on a community-driven collaboration on exploitable vulnerabilities.