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What are Nuclei Templates?

Nuclei templates are the cornerstone of the Nuclei scanning engine. Nuclei templates enable precise and rapid scanning across various protocols like TCP, DNS, HTTP, and more. They are designed to send targeted requests based on specific vulnerability checks, ensuring low-to-zero false positives and efficient scanning over large networks.


Nuclei templates are based on the concepts of YAML based template files that define how the requests will be sent and processed. This allows easy extensibility capabilities to nuclei. The templates are written in YAML which specifies a simple human-readable format to quickly define the execution process.

Universal Language for Vulnerabilities

Nuclei Templates offer a streamlined way to identify and communicate vulnerabilities, combining essential details like severity ratings and detection methods. This open-source, community-developed tool accelerates threat response and is widely recognized in the cybersecurity world.

Learn more about nuclei templates as a universal language for exploitable vulnerabilities on our blog.

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