Access help

Use alterx -h to display all of the help options.

AlterX options

You can use the following command to see the available flags and options:

Fast and customizable subdomain wordlist generator using DSL.

  ./alterx [flags]

   -l, -list string[]     subdomains to use when creating permutations (stdin, comma-separated, file)
   -p, -pattern string[]  custom permutation patterns input to generate (comma-seperated, file)
   -pp, -payload value    custom payload pattern input to replace/use in key=value format (-pp 'word=words.txt')

   -es, -estimate      estimate permutation count without generating payloads
   -o, -output string  output file to write altered subdomain list
   -ms, -max-size int  Max export data size (kb, mb, gb, tb) (default mb)
   -v, -verbose        display verbose output
   -silent             display results only
   -version            display alterx version

   -config string  alterx cli config file (default '$HOME/.config/alterx/config.yaml')
   -en, -enrich    enrich wordlist by extracting words from input
   -ac string      alterx permutation config file (default '$HOME/.config/alterx/permutation_v0.0.1.yaml')
   -limit int      limit the number of results to return (default 0)

   -up, -update                 update alterx to latest version
   -duc, -disable-update-check  disable automatic alterx update check