Access Help

Use naabu - h to display all help options.

Naabu Help Options

  ./naabu [flags]

   -host string[]              hosts to scan ports for (comma-separated)
   -list, -l string            list of hosts to scan ports (file)
   -exclude-hosts, -eh string  hosts to exclude from the scan (comma-separated)
   -exclude-file, -ef string   list of hosts to exclude from scan (file)

   -port, -p string            ports to scan (80,443, 100-200)
   -top-ports, -tp string      top ports to scan (default 100) [full,100,1000]
   -exclude-ports, -ep string  ports to exclude from scan (comma-separated)
   -ports-file, -pf string     list of ports to scan (file)
   -port-threshold, -pts int   port threshold to skip port scan for the host
   -exclude-cdn, -ec           skip full port scans for CDN/WAF (only scan for port 80,443)
   -display-cdn, -cdn          display cdn in use

   -c int     general internal worker threads (default 25)
   -rate int  packets to send per second (default 1000)

   -up, -update                 update naabu to latest version
   -duc, -disable-update-check  disable automatic naabu update check

   -o, -output string  file to write output to (optional)
   -j, -json           write output in JSON lines format
   -csv                write output in csv format

   -scan-all-ips, -sa               scan all the IP's associated with DNS record
   -ip-version, -iv string[]        ip version to scan of hostname (4,6) - (default 4)
   -scan-type, -s string            type of port scan (SYN/CONNECT) (default "s")
   -source-ip string                source ip and port (x.x.x.x:yyy)
   -interface-list, -il             list available interfaces and public ip
   -interface, -i string            network Interface to use for port scan
   -nmap                            invoke nmap scan on targets (nmap must be installed) - Deprecated
   -nmap-cli string                 nmap command to run on found results (example: -nmap-cli 'nmap -sV')
   -r string                        list of custom resolver dns resolution (comma separated or from file)
   -proxy string                    socks5 proxy (ip[:port] / fqdn[:port]
   -proxy-auth string               socks5 proxy authentication (username:password)
   -resume                          resume scan using resume.cfg
   -stream                          stream mode (disables resume, nmap, verify, retries, shuffling, etc)
   -passive                         display passive open ports using shodan internetdb api
   -irt, -input-read-timeout value  timeout on input read (default 3m0s)
   -no-stdin                        Disable Stdin processing

   -sn, -host-discovery           Perform Only Host Discovery
   -Pn, -skip-host-discovery      Skip Host discovery
   -ps, -probe-tcp-syn string[]   TCP SYN Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
   -pa, -probe-tcp-ack string[]   TCP ACK Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
   -pe, -probe-icmp-echo          ICMP echo request Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
   -pp, -probe-icmp-timestamp     ICMP timestamp request Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
   -pm, -probe-icmp-address-mask  ICMP address mask request Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
   -arp, -arp-ping                ARP ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
   -nd, -nd-ping                  IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (host discovery needs to be enabled)
   -rev-ptr                       Reverse PTR lookup for input ips

   -retries int       number of retries for the port scan (default 3)
   -timeout int       millisecond to wait before timing out (default 1000)
   -warm-up-time int  time in seconds between scan phases (default 2)
   -ping              ping probes for verification of host
   -verify            validate the ports again with TCP verification

   -health-check, -hc        run diagnostic check up
   -debug                    display debugging information
   -verbose, -v              display verbose output
   -no-color, -nc            disable colors in CLI output
   -silent                   display only results in output
   -version                  display version of naabu
   -stats                    display stats of the running scan (deprecated)
   -si, -stats-interval int  number of seconds to wait between showing a statistics update (deprecated) (default 5)
   -mp, -metrics-port int    port to expose nuclei metrics on (default 63636)

Notes on Usage

  • Naabu allows arbitrary binary execution as a feature to support nmap integration.
  • Naabu is designed to scan ports on multiple hosts / mass port scanning.
  • Naabu is configured by default with that assumption that you are running it from VPS.
  • We suggest tuning the flags / rate if running Naabu from local system.
  • For best results, run Naabu as root user.