Assets are any hosts added to ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform (PDCP) for scanning. Hosts can be a URL, an IP address, or a CIDR range.

The Assets page is available from the top navigation. Assets can be added through Add New Assets or Integrate Cloud Services.


The Asset pages supports search, refresh, and lists the added assets available to browse. Once you’ve added assets to PDCP they are available to include in scans you want to create.



Is there a limitation on how many Assets I can add?

There is no overall storage limit for Assets. Each individual upload of Assets cannot exceed 50,000 items or 50 root domains.

What kind of Assets are supported?

Assets or hosts can be a URL, an IP address, a root domain, or a CIDR range.

Can everyone in my team see all the Assets that were added to my environment?

Yes, all assets in your environment are shared across your team.

Assets and Scans

Can I exempt specific assets from a scan?

Building a new scan requires you to choose assets as part of the scan configuration, so yes, scans will apply to whatever assets you include in the scan.

Adding and Modifying Assets

What’s the difference between Add Assets, cloud integration?

  • Add allows you to choose a list of individual assets or root domains to add as a list or TXT file.

    • Enabling Auto Discovery automatically enumerates associated subdomains and open ports. Each subdomain or unique path identified is added as individual asset.
  • Cloud Integrations connect your cloud service provider and import any assets identified.

Can I edit existing Assets?

Yes! Assets that are added to PDCP can be renamed.

Can I delete Assets?

You can delete any assets, however assets that are included in a scan will generate an error.