What are PDCP’s key features?

Explore some of the main capabilities included with PDCP.

Hosted solution

As a hosted offering, PDCP abstracts away the complexities of running Nuclei and other ProjectDiscovery open source tools at scale. The cloud scanning engine completes scans +50x faster than Nuclei, enabling scans for an entire external attack surface in less than an hour. This saves teams significant time that would otherwise be spent on maintaining infrastructure, writing custom scripts, and waiting for scan results to complete.

Asset discovery and management

The ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform integrates our popular reconnaissance tools like subfinder, naabu, httpx, and katana to provide an outside-in view of your publicly facing assets. This approach captures assets that may fall out of the purview of traditional AWS / GCP / Azure inventory lists but remain exploitable by external bad actors.

Remediation and regression testing workflows

Support for integrations with Jira, ServiceNow, and other ticketing systems to accelerate time to remediation. The Cloud Platform can also run regression tests from AI-generated custom templates to ensure fixed issues do not resurface in the future.


Export vulnerability findings via PDF, JSON, CSV, or our API to provide visibility to leadership and other parts of the organization.

Early template access

Get early access to new Nuclei templates before they are released to the public.


Invite your team and share findings in your workspace. Auth support includes SSO and SAML with SCIM. RBAC is coming soon to meet enterprise security requirements.


Direct access to the ProjectDiscovery team for support on optimal configurations, writing advanced custom templates, and anything else you need to ensure PDCP meets your security needs.