Assets are any hosts added to ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform (PDCP) for scanning. Hosts can be a URL, an IP address, or a CIDR range.

Assets can be added through either the Assets tab, or during the creation of a scan. Regardless of the path, adding assets to the Cloud Platform is the first step to running a scan and securing your tech stack against exploitable vulnerabilities.

From the Assets tab, there are two methods to add your assets:

  • Add New Assets
  • Integrate Cloud Services

Each unique path, including those with specified ports will be added as an individual asset for scanning. If you have questions about your specific setup, get in touch with us at

Add New Assets

Upload is the most basic method of getting assets into PDCP. To get started immediately with a single domain, this is a straightforward way to add a single domain and start a scan.

  • Scope: manually input your list, upload an existing list (.TXT) of up to 50,000 items, or add up to 50 root domains.

    • Auto Discovery is enabled by default and will automatically discover and add hosts (subdomains, open ports, and other web technologies).
    • Note: Disable Auto Discovery to restrict upload to your specified asset list.
  • Domain, IP address, or CIDR. For CIDR ranges each individual domain will be added as a single asset.

  • Advanced: Turning off Auto Discovery disables all discovery settings.

    • Use Advanced to modify individual discovery settings for subdomains, open ports, etc.

    • Customize the frequency of Auto Discovery to continuously monitor for new assets.

Check out What is exposed? for an example of adding assets for Discovery or Cloud Integration.

Integrate Cloud Services

The Integrate Cloud Services option connects your PDCP environment to any of our supported cloud providers and pull in assets once connected.

Cloud Integrations can be configured to check for updates to your assets and ensure your information is up to date.

For the majority of integrations, you only need to provide a name and the token or access details generated by the provider.

Managing Assets

Once your assets are added successfully they display in the asset list.

  • Use the context menu to rename, Update to add or remove assets, Re-Discover, or Delete.
  • Uploaded assets are immediately available to use in scans.
  • Assets that are part of an existing scan cannot be deleted.