When you hear about a popular attack on the news you obviously want to see if your organization is at risk for the vulnerability.

In this example you will quickly set up a scan to search across your infrastructure for a trending vulnerability.

Scan for a vulnerability


Search for the vulnerability

Navigate to Click on the sidebar to expand the view and search for the trending vulnerability CVE-2024-1709.


Select the template

Your search found the appropriate template.. Open it to view the template details under Target.


Choose assets

Click on Target list and then Add more to choose the assets you want to scan.

  • Add new assets, select existing assets, or use the assets you added in the earlier example.

Start your scan

Click Scan now to initiate a new scan.

  • You can also Update this scan after it’s created to modify the schedule or add an Integration.

What’s Next?

Once your scan has completed review the details under the main Results tab as part of your total system results, or select the individual scan to explore the specific scan and learn if your environment is impacted by this trending vulnerability!

As a next step you could:

  • Update the scan to recur on a weekly basis
  • Export those results to share with your organization
  • Add a notification to your scan to alert your team on Slack or Microsoft Teams