Walk through the steps you need to identify the assets in your environment that you want to protect.

For organizations that have visibility into their technical stack or inventory, you can easily upload a list of assets to the Cloud platform or use this API endpoint.

For users that do not have a full list of assets we have two options:

  • Add Assets with Auto Discovery - This is the simplest approach for a quick understanding of your exposed assets. Auto Discovery is supported by multiple open source ProjectDiscovery tools to find subdomains, ports, and endpoints that are exposed on the internet.

    • Note: We are actively building this feature. Discovery will continue to expand and improve to reflect the robust scope found in our open source tools.
  • Integrate Cloud Services - This feature supports numerous cloud service providers (AWS,GCP, Azure, CloudFlare, Fastly, and others). Once integration is configured the Cloud Platform polls the configured cloud service provider to continuously update for any changes made by your team.

Add Assets for

Add a Cloud Integration


Select to Add

Choose Integrate Cloud Services to show the full list of supported cloud services providers.


Choose a cloud provider

Select from the available cloud service providers, click Connect and provide the configuration details.


Verify config

Select Verify to complete the configuration and get the Cloud Platform started on discovering your assets.

Add New Assets with Auto Discovery


Select to Add

Choose Add New Assets to open the asset workflow.


Provide your Asset details

Add your Assets as root domains, IPs, or CIDR ranges you want to enumerate.

  • You can add up to 50,000 individual hosts or 50 root domains.
  • Click the Advanced tab to manually update the Auto Discovery Settings, and select a schedule.

Create config

Select Add Assets to complete the configuration and get the Cloud Platform started on discovering your assets.

With a Cloud Integration or Assets including Auto Discovery, you are now set up to ensure that the assets you added are maintained and up to date for scanning.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve defined the Assets you want to include on the Cloud Platform you can move on to building your scans to detect vulnerabilities.