Connecting to the free tier of PDCP requires setting up Nuclei to run your scans. You’ll need to install Go, update your $PATH, and install Nuclei. Steps for each of those configurations are below.

Install Go

ProjectDiscovery runs on any operating system that supports Go, but these steps use Linux.

For instructions on installing Go for an OS besides Linux check out this post on our blog or refer to the installation instructions available through the Go website.


Get the latest version

Download and install the latest version of Go.


Verify the version

After downloading and installing run go version to verify that you are running the latest version (v 1.21 at the time of writing)

Update your $PATH

PATH is an environment variable on UNIX systems to define which directories contain executable programs. The variable is set within the config file for your particular shell.

To run Nuclei the folder where it resides needs to be in the PATH. ProjectDiscovery binaries are stored in the go/bin directory which is usually in the home directory.

Note: This folder is not automatically added to your PATH. Refer to the steps below to update it manually.


Verify your GOPATH

To verify your GOPATH Run go env | grep GOPATH in your terminal and copy the output path. You may need to add a /bin to the end of this path for it to work correctly.


Open your shell config file

Open the shell config file for your shell in an editor (this example refers to nano). The command is nano ~/.zshrc for zsh or nano ~/.bashrc for bash.

At the bottom of the file, add export PATH=”$PATH:insert/go/path/here/bin”, replacing insert/go/path/here with the GOPATH from Step 1.


Reset your terminal

Run source ~/.zshrc or source~/.bashrc to reset your terminal and reload it with the new config added. You can also just close your terminal and open it again for this to take effect.


Verify your updated PATH

Your PATH should be updated. Type $PATH to check that the go binary directory is added to the end.

Install Nuclei


Install Nuclei with Go

From your terminal run the following command go install -v github.com/projectdiscovery/nuclei/v3/cmd/nuclei@latest


Confirm installation

To confirm installation, on your terminal run nuclei -h to see the list of options and flags available.

Next Steps

After setting up Nuclei you will need to create your PDCP account. Head to the PDCP Setup for the next steps in the PDCP Free User Guide.