ProductDiscovery Cloud Platform (PDCP) is a hosted enterprise product for continuous visibility and vulnerability scanning. PDCP is currently offered in two pricing tiers, Free and Teams.

The Free version is a great way for existing ProjectDiscovery users, familiar with our open source solutions, to connect their Nuclei scans with PDCP

If you’re new to ProjectDiscovery the Free tier is also a great way to get started with ​PDCP.

PDCP Free includes:

  • Support to connect Nuclei to PDCP and view findings (up to 1K per month)
  • Vulnerability retesting in PDCP
  • Sharing findings (vulnerabilities) from PDCP
  • Template Editor functionality and access to our AI Template Generator (up to 50 per month)

What do I need to get started with PDCP Free?

To get started with PDCP Free you’ll need two things:

  • Scan results from Nuclei
  • a PDCP Login/Setup

If you already have Nuclei scan results, or you’ve walked through our Getting Started example using Nuclei, you’re most of the way there.

What’s in this User Guide?

In this documentation we’re going to walk through:

  • Installing Nuclei as a new user
  • Setting up a new PDCP account
  • Generating an API key and authenticating your account
  • Connecting your Nuclei scan results to PDCP
  • Viewing scan results and exploring features
If you already have Nuclei scan results skip to the Connect a Scan page.