Welcome to Getting Started! This section is designed to help you quickly install, set up, and scan using just a few parts of ProjectDiscovery’s suite of open-source tools.

The steps here are simple to get you insightful results with the quickest path possible. Because ProjectDiscovery has so many tools we’re going to focus on a few to demonstrate some of our core product capabilities.

We do have a ton of other open-source tools that can enhance, expand, or adapt for your particular use cases. So if at the end of this process you still have questions - reach out.

If you’re looking to learn more about ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform (PDCP), head over to PDCP Introduction for details on our platform.

What’s in Getting Started?

The getting started journey steps are:

  • Installing the latest version of Go
  • Installing Nuclei
  • Running a scan
  • Reviewing your results

Check out the example

Move on to the next steps in the example walkthrough or: