This documentation site is our knowledge base for all things ProjectDiscovery. The site includes information to support potential customers, brand-new users, or existing community members. We want this site to provide a comprehensive set of resources in a single location. We’re actively working to expand the content to cover all of the tools that we offer.

Since ProjectDiscovery maintains dozens of open-source tools not everything will be completely migrated, so for those that are not featured here yet, we recommend checking out our GitHub - where each tool includes a ReadMe as part of its repository.

In the meantime, we are working to update this site to offer a directory for visibility into all of our open-source tools in a single place.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to get around:

  • Use search to locate a specific term or topic. For more specific results, use a question format (For example: How do I install Nuclei?) to trigger an AI-powered in-depth response.
  • Navigate through sections with the tabs at the top (Tools, Templates, Cloud, etc.)
  • Launch the Help tab for details on getting support and joining our community

Content Overview

Let’s dive into the sections you can explore:

  • Tools: Delve into the suite of open-source tools crafted by ProjectDiscovery. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, this section breaks down each tool’s purpose, features, and how-tos.

  • Templates: Learn all about Nuclei templates—powerful blueprints that drive precise vulnerability detection. Get insights on their structure, usage, and how to customize them for your unique requirements.

  • Cloud: Introducing the ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform—a robust environment tailored for scalable security operations. Discover its capabilities, benefits, and step-by-step guides to harness its full potential.

  • API: Whether you’re looking to integrate, automate, or expand, our cloud’s API documentation has you covered. Dive into detailed endpoints, request-response patterns, and best practices to seamlessly weave ProjectDiscovery into your workflow.

  • Help: Questions? In need of some guidance to create a specific workflow or resolve a particular issue? We’ve got you covered. Check out help to review the support resources we have available through ProjectDiscovery and our wider community.

Feel free to navigate through these sections, and remember, knowledge empowers security. Happy exploring!

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