Who are we?

We’re ProjectDiscovery! We make dozens of tools for individual bug bounty hunters, pentesters, and AppSec professionals. Through the power of open source and our community we build powerful customizable solutions to secure your attack surface against a continuously evolving landscape of threats and vulnerabilities.

Open Source Tools

ProjectDiscovery produces a suite of open source tools tailored for offensive security: security engineers, bug bounty hunters, and red teamers. Our toolkit is structured around three distinct layers to optimize your security assessment and penetration testing processes. We also provide utilities and libraries as building blocks for an offensive security or bug bounty hunting program.

  1. Discover - Identify assets and broaden your visibility of the attack surface.
  2. Enrich - Understand the technologies and services exposed to the internet.
  3. Detect - Pinpoint exploitable vulnerabilities within the attack surface.

ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform

ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform (PDCP) s a cloud-hosted security platform designed to provide continuous visibility across your external attack surface by detecting exploitable vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. It is built to solve a variety of use cases, and scale to support the key workflows application security teams need to secure their infrastructure.

Visit the ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform section of our documentation to learn more.