What is Katana?

Katana is a command-line interface (CLI) web crawling tool written in Golang, designed to be fast, efficient, and provide simple output. It is designed to crawl websites to gather information and endpoints. One of its defining features is the ability to use headless browsing to crawl applications. This means that it can crawl single-page applications (SPAs) built using technologies such as JavaScript, Angular, or React to effectively access and gather information from these types of applications.

Features and capabilities

  • Fast and fully configurable web crawling
  • Support for Standard and Headless modes
  • JavaScript parsing and crawling support
  • Customizable automatic form-filling
  • Customizable output through preconfigured fields
  • Customizable scope control through preconfigured fields and Regex
  • Support Inputs through STDIN, URL, and LIST
  • Supported Outputs of STDOUT, FILE, and JSON

Additional Katana resources

As an open source tool with a robust community there are a lot of community-created resources available. We are happy to share those to offer even more information about our tools.

Sharing these resources is not formal approval or a recommendation from ProjectDiscovery. We cannot provide an endorsement of accuracy or validation that content is up-to-date. Anything shared here should be approached with caution.


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