Access help

Use notify -h to display all of the help options.

Notify options

-bulkenable bulk processingnotify -bulk
-char-limitmax character limit per message (default 4000)notify -cl 2000
-confignotify configuration filenotify -config config.yaml
-datainput file to send for notifynotify -i test.txt
-delaydelay in seconds between each notificationnotify -d 2
-idid to send the notification to (optional)notify -id recon,scans
-msg-formatadd custom formatting to messagenotify -mf Hey {{data}}
-no-colordisable colors in outputnotify -nc
-provider-configprovider config pathnotify -pc provider.yaml
-providerprovider to send the notification to (optional)notify -p slack,telegram
-proxyhttp proxy to use with notifynotify -proxy
-rate-limitmaximum number of HTTP requests to send per secondnotify -rl 1
-silentenable silent modenotify -silent
-verboseenable verbose modenotify -verbose
-versiondisplay versionnotify -version
-updateupdates to latest versionnotify -update
-disable-update-checkdisables automatic update checknotify -duc