The functionality described on this page is only available through ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform Teams.


When setting up a scan in ProjectDiscovery Cloud Platform (PDCP) you have the option to build your scan using custom templates, all templates, or recommended templates.

Recommended templates are a curated subset of the full template library designed for efficiently scanning your attack surface.

This subset of templates, nearly 4000 in total, focuses on relevant and exploitable vulnerabilities, excluding informational templates and templates with the potential to generate false positives.

The curated set of Recommended templates is available as a config file and can be viewed in the Nuclei repository - Recommended Templates, or withing the application.

Rather than a list, PDCP’s Recommended templates are curated through defined filters.

This approach ensures that the curated list remains up-to-date as new templates are added.

Filtering for Recommended templates includes:

  • All template severities except info

  • Type: http, tcp, or javascript

  • Exclusion of the tags: tech, dos, fuzz, creds-stuffing, token-spray, osint

  • Exclusion of specific templates the list is available for review here —> Recommended Templates

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