The Template Editor is equipped with keyboard shortcuts to make it more efficient. You can use these shortcuts whether you’re creating a new template or optimizing an existing one, enabling quicker actions without interfering with your workflow.

Here is a list of the actions, along with their corresponding shortcut keys and descriptions:

ActionShortcut KeyDescription
Save TemplateCMD + SSaves the current template.
Duplicate TemplateCMD + DCreates a copy of a public template.
Execute TemplateCMD + SHIFT + SPACERun a scan with the current template.
Share Template LinkALT + SHIFT + SPACEGenerates a URL for sharing the current template.
Search TemplatesCMD + KSearches within your own templates.
Copy TemplateCMD + SHIFT + CCopies the selected template to your clipboard.
Show/Hide Side BarCMD + BToggles the visibility of the side bar.
Show/Hide Debug PanelCMD + SHIFT + MToggles the visibility of the debug panel for extra insight.

For Mac users, the CMD key is used for these shortcuts.

Non-Mac users (Windows and Linux) should use the CTRL key instead.