The Template Editor offers the ability to share any public templates, including the ones you create.

Share Template

To share a template, click on the “Share” button to generate a link that can be sent to others.

How to Share Public Templates

Public templates are designed for ease of sharing. You don’t need to be authenticated to share them, meaning there’s no need to log in. These templates are mapped with their Template ID, following a static URL pattern. For instance, a public template URL might resemble this: In the given URL, CVE-2023-35078 is the Template ID representing the template in the nuclei-templates project.

How to Share User Templates

User templates, unlike public templates, require authentication for sharing. These templates are assigned a unique, UUID-based ID similar to YouTube’s unlisted URLs for sharing purposes. This means anyone given the shared URL will be able to access the template.

Revoking Access to Shared Templates

If at any point you want to limit the access to the shared template, it is as simple as changing the visibility of the template to private. After this change, the originally shared link will become inactive. However, you have the flexibility to share it again, which would generate a new unique ID.

Please remember, while sharing is easy, it’s important to distribute the URL cautiously as the link allows full access to the shared template.